Poppin’ tags: Part 3

One down, two to go! I showed you what I did with my Hawaiian wonder, now I’ll show you how I doctored my lovable monstrosity! Here’s a refresher:

I LOVED the print on this fabric. The colors and the bold flowers, all of it just spoke to me… and it must’ve been speaking pretty loudly to drown out the lace bib, shoulder pads, and weird front seam! My original idea was to wear this dress backwards and cut out the fabric behind the lace for a peek a boo effect. It wasn’t til I decided to use the lace bib for my third dress that I changed my mind about the whole design.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many “during” pictures, so I hope you have an imagination!

So first I removed that bib.
Turns out the “hem” of the neckline was pretty sloppy because it was being covered, so why make it pretty? Then I moved on to the bottom. Like I said, this had a weird front “V” seam so I had to decide whether or not to keep it. While it wasn’t UNflattering, I realized that I just didn’t like it and decided to the skirt off above it and then reattach it to the top. Only thing is I did like the gathering that the skirt had at the waist which meant I had to create the gathers by pinning them in place before sewing the top and bottom together again. It was kind of tedious, but it gave the flounce to the skirt that I think flatters more rotund derrieres so it was worth it.

After the skirt was worked out, I moved back to the top. Shoulder pads were removed and then I had to do something to the sleeves. I love ¾ sleeves, but with the way the neckline was shaping up and now that the dress was shorter, I didn’t think fuller sleeves was the way to go. I decided to chop them off. Unfortunately, giant poofy 80s sleeves require giant arm holes to accommodate everything. There wasn’t really a way to cover them up without it looking weird so I just knew that this would be a dress that required a tank top underneath (which let’s be honest, I probably would’ve done that anyways).

Finally, back to that neckline. I liked the idea of a sweetheart shape and there was enough extra fabric to make that shape work. And then instead of leaving the straps raw, I pinched them together and sewed a little scrap of fabric around them to hold the pucker I wanted. That also helped make the “sweetheart” a little more defined.
So there you go! Add the tank and a belt for a little more definition and it’s good to go! Here’s the before and after, one more time:

One more to go! ;


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