Poppin’ tags: Part 4

And now for the piece that I think looks the most different from the original and therefore I impressed myself the most with- my white sundress! So here’s the before in case you forgot:
Not bad but just felt a little frumpy and also, white sundresses and whatever polka dotted, striped, or colored undies I tend to wear just don’t match. So I knew that was the first thing to change. I had a navy sundress in high school that I adored so navy seemed like an obvious choice when choosing my dye. I also decided that I wanted to attach that lace bib from Dress #2 to this dress so I threw that in the mix at the same time.
After going through the dye process, I was reminded of an important lesson- DO NOT expect your finished product to match the color on the box. It’s probably not going to happen. Because when I opened the washer, my dress and bib were not navy but instead this deep purple color which I was TOTALLY ok with!
Then I moved on to the length. I knew that I like longer dresses but I just felt like knee length was the way to go with this one (mostly so there wouldn’t be any unfortunate hugging in areas). I knew I would wear a belt with the finished product (can you tell I’m a big accessorizer?) so I just needed to decide where I wanted the seam/belt to hit my mid-section. I put the dress on and put pin markers where I wanted the seam to fall, took it off, and just chopped! Cutting is always the most terrifying part for me because it seems so final. Unlike the rule “measure twice, cut once,” I usually measure three or four times before cutting. Then I just sewed the top and bottom together (no ruffles this time)!
My finishing touch was to hand sew the lace bib on to the dress. I originally thought that I could sew it higher in the chest region so I could still have that peekaboo effect I thought I would have on Dress #2 but when playing with the placement, I realized that it would look better just as embellishment on top. So I sewed it on, stopping at the seams by the arms so it didn’t just trail off without purpose by my armpits. I know from far away you can’t see the detail as well, but this is my favorite part of this dress. So here’s what the finished product looks like close up:
And then I accessorized with a gold belt and shoes and a simple white cardigan.
One more before and after shot:
So there you have it! Went to the thrift store with only $20 in my pocket and ended up with three great dresses! Do you have a Macklemore-esque success story? I’d love to hear about it!



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