Tauriel hair!

It’s Saturday and for a change, there are no morning/afternoon plans on our schedule. AWESOME! So naturally, we decided to watch The Desolation of Smaug (isn’t that what you’d do on a day off??). Not only was I excited to see this again for the first time since in the theater, but I also have now watched “Lost” in its entirety and was interested to see what I would think of Evangeline Lilly in a role other than Kate Austen (the first time we watched DoS, I had no idea who she was). And I gotta say, I know lots of Tolkien purists were annoyed by the addition of an unnecessary She-Elf who then falls in love with a dwarf (blasphemy!) but that doesn’t mean she’s not a beautiful bad ass in this movie. I mean, look:

Kate, er, I mean, Tauriel
Kate, er, I mean, Tauriel

I remember oogling over her hair on my first view of the movie (you know me and twisty braidy things) but this time, since I was watching it at home I had the luxury of pausing the movie to try to figure it out. So first, I started by sectioning off the the hair:

It's a good look for me I think
It’s a good look for me I think

I found out by trial and error, that it is easier to do the front section first. I did some simple twists on either side, not really making a true part down the center.


It’s not as clean as Tauriel’s, but I didn’t have a team of hairdressers helping me so it’ll have to do.

So next, I started twisting the sides. Tauriel’s is a simple twist, but knowing my hair, that wouldn’t stay so I actually did more of a french braided twist to lock it down to my head.

Not going anywhere!
Not going anywhere!

Then I twisted the other side and connected the two twists.
Perfectly imperfect
Perfectly imperfect

All that’s left is to do a fishtail braid from the top twisty section, add a little flair, and wa-la!
All done!
All done!

So let’s compare:
If only I had some pointy ears...
If only I had some pointy ears…

I look just like her, right? Ha. Well, it’s not perfect but I had to try my hand at Elvish coiffures. 😉 What do you think? Do you see something I could change to make it more accurate?



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