DIY Fabric Flippy Floppies!

Happy summertime, y’all! Life has been crazy with trips and husband being in school so I haven’t made much time for projects. But this weekend I have absolutely no plans so of course I got itchy to do some sort of craft.

This past week, one of my favorite blogs, A Little Bolt of Life, featured DIY Disney painted Toms. I immediately wanted to do it myself (though I knew I would want to try doing a Little Mermaid version) and made a mental note to look for these shoes the next time I was at Walmart. However, while running errands this morning we ended up at Walgreens in the summer section where they had a great selection of cheap flip flops. I suddenly remembered a Pinterest idea from long ago and just had to see if I could pull it off…

So here are the $2.99 beauties I started with:

Yay cheap summer shoes!
Yay cheap summer shoes!

I started by cutting the plugs off the bottoms of the plastic part til I was left with this:

Holy moly!
Holy moly!

Then I went into my fabric scrap bag and pulled this awesomeness out:

What? You don't have random Little Mermaid fabric laying around?
What? You don’t have random Little Mermaid fabric laying around?

and then I cut it into strips…

Made sure there was lots of Ariel showing
Made sure there was lots of Ariel showing

I then threaded both ends of a short strip through the top hole and knotted it on the bottom, making a loop on top. Then I actually cheated a little and sewed the longer strips into tubes so there were no raw edges and then threaded each end into the bottom holes like so:

See where I'm going with this?
See where I’m going with this?

And then- Wah-la!

Custom Little Mermaid kicks!
Custom Little Mermaid kicks!
New favorite shoes!
New favorite shoes!

I seriously might have a hard time not wearing these all the time, though I’m sure my plantar fasciitis and amazing cankles will talk me out of it eventually. 😉

So whatchu think? Don’t you need to go make some DIY summer footwear now??



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