So I washed my hair last night… but not how you think.

Washing hair with baking soda and vinegar? Really??

So I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and finally did it last night and today realized that I hadn’t done a blog post in a while and thought this might be worth writing about!

I usually wash my hair with this stuff:

I see a theme...
I see a theme…

 I have pretty horrible psoriasis and I’ve found the only way to control it is by using tar shampoo every time I wash my hair which is usually between every 3 to 5 days (I could go longer between washes before I chopped off my hair). I use the generic dandruff shampoo for some extra lather and well, extra dandruff control I suppose. I can’t use conditioners at all because no matter how much I use it always makes my hair super greasy. I had been using moisturizing shampoos on the ends of my hair when it was long but I gave that up too when I lost the length. And so far it’s worked fine. In fact, here’s what my hair looks like having been washed the night before and air dried:

Not bad, just messy

I recently read about washing your hair with baking soda and vinegar as a way to cut out unnecessary chemicals in your beauty routine. Since I know I’m allergic to hair dye (so sad) and that artificial sweeteners (specifically Aspartame and Asulfame Potassium) give me wicked migraines, I figured it was worth a shot! So after talking at length about it (and other essential oils adventures which are hopefully to come soon) with my friend, Haerah, I went for it.

Using In Sonnet’s Kitchen’s guidance, I was ready to start! First, I got two little containers in which to mix ingredients (because apparently baking soda is only potent for so long in water so you want to make it in small batches):

TSA approved!
TSA approved!

and then got my ingredients which cost me a whooping $3.16:

I could get used to the price of this hair care!

The guidance said one part baking soda to 3-4 parts water so I did about a centimeter of baking soda in one of the containers and filled it just past that first sticker. And then it was one part vinegar (which btw my friend told me to get organic, but this was all the store had and I really wanted to try this on a Saturday in case I needed to rewash on Sunday so this is what I got) to four parts water so I measured it out and ended up filling the container. They also say you can add essential oils to the mix to help cut the vinegar smell but I don’t have mine yet but I do have an oil that I wear as a perfume so I added two drops of that. I could honestly notice a difference in the smell with just the two drops. Ok, so then I jumped in the shower! Baking soda mixture on first and I rubbed it into my roots and let it sit for about three minutes and then rinsed with warm water. Vinegar next (making sure not to get it in my eyes) and then rinse with cold water to seal in moisture. And here’s what it looks like after blow drying:


Amazing! It looks no worse (and maybe even better) than shampoo! And today after sleeping on it, my hair feels as soft as usual and it doesn’t feel dry or dirty. So… I know that I need to expect it to get a little greasy but what I’m worried about is if I notice that I’m scratching more from the lack of the medicated shampoo. So far it’s been ok. Can’t wait to see how it looks in a day or two! So a quick comparison:

Top: Shampoo. Bottom: Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
Top: Shampoo. Bottom: Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite home remedies in your daily routines?



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